What is “home” to you? How does the word make you feel…?

“There’s No Place Like Home”?

“Home Is Where The Heart Is”?



Coming home should feel like returning to a place of warmth, a place of calm, a place where you can relax / offload / do nothing / do everything…

In my world I can genuinely say that home does feel like that a lot of the time, but if I’m honest I know that it’s much easier to sense all of the above when I’m feeling good about myself. If I’m stressed it’s oh so much harder…and yet surely that’s when we all need that warmth & calm the most?

Personally, I really enjoy “tweaking” my home: re-thinking what should go where, playing with colours & fabrics, picking up little bits & pieces that I think will enhance my home (including, of course, my beloved quotes!) BUT, I only do this when I am already in a relaxed place: when I’m feeling good about myself, when everything’s pretty much “hunkydory”. How about when stress levels are high? How about those days when you walk into the house and think:

“Jeeeze, what a mess! Why has no one bothered to tidy this up?? I can’t even see straight through all this mess… After the day I’ve had at work this is the last thing I need…ggrrrrrrrrrr!

It’s at those times that we could benefit so very much from a little chilled #mespace – yet at those times it seems like the last thing to prioritise…



How about if we turn those thoughts upside down? How about if we realise that actually we can make creation of that “Me Space” a part of our relaxation, an aspect of our stress management? And how about if we make it a Family Affair? A fun thing to do that actually brings us together…(as opposed to dreading the next time you have to row with the kids about pleeeeeeeeeze tidying up their rooms – or at least bothering to put their dirty laundry in the basket…)



Creating places of #calm within your home is so very important. Where you might choose to create such a space is personal to you.

  • If you love cooking you may want it to be a corner of your kitchen
  • If you feel strongly about the need for calm when working, your #zoneofcalm may be within your work space
  • If reading is your “chill zone”, you might like to create a little nook for reading a book

If you live in a busy household, it can be a lovely idea to do the same for all the residents! Whether you’re living with friends, relatives, your partner or your kids, we all need a little #mespace.





  1. Ask each member of the household to make a list of things that make them feel relaxed: is there a colour that relaxes them? A particular cushion or throw? A book or magazine that they love to flick through? A specific object or image that calms them? Is creativity important to them? And if so, what does that creativity mean: sketching, knitting, writing…
  2. Everyone should consider which part or parts of their lives bring them the warmest memories, and be sure to represent them within this special place. For the adults it might be photos of childhood summers? Music from Uni days? A chosen birthday pic of each of the kids? For the kids it might be a fave holiday moment? A photo cuddling with Santa? A pic of a beloved pet?
  3. If music calms you, be sure to have a way of listening to music in your space.
  4. If you feel calmer when outdoors you can always bring the outside in! Use green colours, bring in plants or vases of flowers – or alternatively paintings of outdoor landscapes. Think of outdoor scents too – lavender or herbs can be a great idea.
  5. If scents are emotive for you, use essential oils in a diffuser, or (for the adults) natural candles.
  6. If you love reading, you can collect together a few books or magazines or whatever you would most enjoy browsing to scatter about the place.

Taking Action:

  1. Ask everyone to decide in which part of the home they would like to create their own personal “me space”.
  2. It can be fun to ask each person to take a photo of the place they have chosen. Looking at something in a photo rather than in ‘real time’ enables you to take a step back from things a little: to see things from a different perspective.
  3. Now take a look at all those things you’ve listed in no 1: all the things you would choose to have within your space.

Here comes the fun part: taking on the role of Interior Designer & deciding what to put where!

There are NO rules here: no rights & wrongs. It is entirely about YOUR choice. Think of why you have chosen each item: is the throw simply because you like the look of it, or are you dying to dive under it & snuggle up with a fave book…or with the cat! If you have something that’s your favourite colour, then where do you want it placed? Is it better in the light of the window or is it a bright colour that might ‘shout out’ from a darker corner? Where should any snippets of nature be? Should plants & herbs be on the windowsill, closer to the ‘real’ outdoors?

If you need a little extra inspiration you might like to flick through some magazines or browse the net – or simply think of other places that make you feel calm…




You can choose if you want to work together to create everybody’s spaces as a group venture, or if everyone should first prepare their space and then do a grand ‘unveiling’! Either way, give yourselves plenty of time to play around with your ideas – try things here & then there, in this combination then in another.

Lastly, do try to remember: even when you have created your space, it is still a work in progress. This space will grow as you grow, bend in the wind as you do. Above all else this is a place in which you are comfortable: a sacred space where there is no judgement – where you can simply be you, and surely there is nothing more important than that…

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