A fun & effective dance cardio workout… “SWING TRAIN”


Inspired by music ranging from Charleston & Swing to Gospel & Hot Jazz… 

Open to all levels of fitness, SwingTrain classes are about making exercise fun so you won’t even notice you’re burning up to 500 calories in your 1-hour session! Come along & enjoy a class that’s guaranteed to make you smile with fab (and infectious) music! 

Why choose Swing Train?

  • a mixture of high & low impact exercise
  • a variety of fast & slow tracks
  • replicates the effects of interval training
  • 4,500 steps in a 1 hour class
  • a fun, full body workout
  • improved co-ordination, balance and agility


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“I was a little nervous about going to a dance exercise class as I definitely have two left feet and little coordination but Liz was fantastic! She made the hour whizz by and it was so much fun I hardly realised I was exercising.  I came out feeling energised and happy and hopefully the coordination will improve in the weeks to come! Thanks Liz for finding a fun way to get me moving and feeling better both  physically and mentally.”    SO

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