This programme begins with a 1-2-1 consultation (in person or online) which details the whole two-week process. Moving forward, the client works through the programme independently, with the opportunity for personal contact with me twice weekly either by telephone, Skype or Zoom or email.

During the programme only specific, healthful foods are eaten for the space of two weeks, which will simultaneously mean cutting out foods which can typically create sensitivities. Thus those foods which may be irritating and exhausting the system are removed, and are replaced with whole, nutritive foods. This will:

• ​Allow the body’s natural cleansing processes to function better
• Detox the bodily organs
• Boost the immune system
• Boost your energy levels
• Aid weight loss if desired
• Increase your sense of well-being
• Possibly uncover hidden food sensitivities


“The first few days on any cleanse are so testing and difficult and I truly believe that without Liz’s regular texts and emails to find out how I was getting along I would not have been able to get through those difficult days and come out the other side. When you are at a  physical and mental low and your cravings are taking over it’s so reassuring to be encouraged to hang in there and also to have tips on how to deal with the particular obstacle you are trying to deal with.

Prior to meeting Liz I had embarked on several cleanses and never managed to get past day three without giving in to my cravings. In my opinion, having emotional support during a cleanse is fundamental to its success. And when you manage to get through those initial testing days the sense of achievement is amazing along with the positive changes both to the body and mind. The motivational support I received from Liz during my cleanse has been invaluable and key to my success in achieving my goals.”  KG

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