“I decided to meet with Liz because I suffer from two autoimmune illnesses which affect my joints and muscles. This makes it very difficult to undertake any regular form of exercise and I was tired of constantly embarking on an exercise regime only to end up exhausting my muscles and having to stop after a week. On top of this, I was concerned that I might have a wheat intolerance which was adding to my general ill health. I was very aware that I had set Liz a very large challenge as to what I wanted to achieve. My biggest issue was the desire to lose about 1.5 stones in weight but alongside this I wanted to tone up, reduce the fatigue I was constantly feeling, improve the mobility and reduce the swelling in my joints and reduce the pain in my muscles!!

We embarked on a wheat free diet and 2/3 sessions of exercise a week. Throughout, there have been many ups and downs. Due to my illnesses, Liz has to be able to adjust my exercise routine depending on how I am feeling on any particular day. I cannot stress enough how pleased I have been with Liz. She is always on the ball and ready to adjust things in my routine, and to give me the motivation to carry on when I am not feeling well. For the first time since I was diagnosed with my illnesses, I have been able to stick to an exercise routine. I have increased energy levels, my joints are less swollen and painful and the muscle definition in my arms and abdomen is very visible. On days when things are not so great, Liz is on hand to help me stretch out and relieve the pain and stiffness in my muscles and joints. And the best thing of all…I have gone from a size 12 to a size 10!!!

The most important thing that Liz has done for me is to give me back a quality of life. I always thought that seeing a personal trainer was about losing weight and that was certainly my initial reason for seeing Liz. However Liz has shown me that by helping me address all my other health problems through exercise and a sensible diet plan, weight loss will follow naturally.

Liz truly is wonderful at what she does and I cannot believe the changes she has helped me achieve in the last four months.” KG

Ealing, London

“I started personal training with Liz in order to lose weight and increase my fitness levels. I succeeded in doing both, due to her attention to detail and adapting the programme to my personal levels. During the time I’ve been working with her I have had two operations, and my recovery time was much quicker due to Liz physically and mentally preparing me for each operation. I cannot thank Liz nor praise her enough. It is worth investing time in ourselves ladies because we make better employees, mothers, wives and friends when we feel physically and mentally well.” LB


“Liz’s holistic personal training/nutritional approach falls neatly into the behavioural interventions that promote health, both physical and psychological. As a psychologist, one of the ways I work with clients is through the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). As the name suggests, the therapeutic interventions involve working with our cognitions (our thoughts) and our behaviours. Working with behaviours is the preferred method to begin treatment, in order to experience rapid and measurable results: changing our cognitions may take some time. Changing eating habits and incorporating exercise into our daily lives have repeatedly been shown to increase wellbeing: certain foods/food intolerances are culprits of ill health, inflammation and depressive/stress symptoms. Therefore, learning what suits your body is a good way of achieving a healthier body and mind. Engaging in exercise three to four times per week has similar effects to antidepressant medication, and research is showing that it improves both our problem solving abilities and our memory (besides the fact that it can stimulate social bonds and greater self confidence due to improved self image and physical agility or strength).

All of us experience a certain amount of stress, and sometimes very high levels of stress. It is important to tackle the cause of this – situations in the present or unresolved issues from the past. However, there is a lot that we can do for ourselves in the everyday to manage and channel our stress and anxieties, perhaps setting boundaries on ourselves or others and most importantly taking care of our body, which ultimately is our temple and the venue through which we experience our lives. Liz’s personal training programmes are an essential part of my own upkeep in keeping healthy and ensuring I create conditions in my life that promote wellbeing – I often refer my clients to similar activities and to a practitioner like Liz. I believe her personal approach and genuine enthusiasm for her work are part of her success at helping people to make positive changes in their lives.” SZG

London, W5

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