Working 1-2-1 either “live” or online, initial focus is on faulty postural habits and incorrect movement patterns which have become ingrained.

​Correcting these ensures optimum technique, and allows the client to exploit the body’s capabilities to their maximum. Corrected movement patterns can then be incorporated into work on chosen goals.

I work with all ages, from 8 year olds to 80 years +! I use a large range of equipment, incorporating many different styles and disciplines… From Pilates focused sessions correcting posture and technique, to high energy HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions, to training for specific events, the initial consultation will help each client to determine what is best for his/her specific goals.


“I started sessions with Liz as I had got into a rut with my fitness regime which consisted solely of running – always the same distance, always the same pace. We decided together that my aim was overall strength and tone, with a focus on core and arms. After ten weeks, I can already feel and see a difference and my perspective in relation to what is important in terms of fitness has changed. I can definitely see that a stronger core impacts on health, mind and body and I also run differently and more “lightly” than previously. Liz works you hard, make no mistake, but is lovely with it, has a knack for subtly adjusting sessions to your mood and keeps up the pace with her fabulous sense of humour. She also has a bloody amazing figure that can provide you with the inspiration and strength to do that final tortuous press up!” DK

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