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This 8 week course runs either 1-2-1 or in small groups. The 1-2-1 version can be taken ‘live’, online via webinar, or online as a stand alone programme.

​We examine triggers for stress and the physiological effects of stress, then explore a variety of methods for managing these. By walking through these step by step, you will slowly but surely find which methods are best for you, and will GENUINELY help you to conquer the “Stress Monster”. If you commit to this course you can truly start to turn your life around, and start controlling your stress levels instead of THEM controlling YOU. Used effectively these techniques will massively enhance both physical and mental health.

​I firmly believe that if we take away the mystery and examine the simple, tangible facts, then “stress” immediately becomes less scary and much more manageable. Those who have completed this course with me unanimously agree…


“Liz, your stress management course has brought clarity & peace to my life through the effective ways that you have engaged me. You have managed to increase my awareness of self & in doing so, have enabled me to identify where my stress lies and how to manage it mindfully: your techniques & skills really work for me. It is both enlightening and exciting to see how some of the simple steps that you instigate through your course, can bring such rewarding results. You are truly gifted.”     NG

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