A big thank you to Liz Shaw for inviting me to script a blog post for Shaw Lifestyle. My name’s Amelia Critchlow and I’m really excited to be here!


Liz and I bonded over Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic and sharing our approaches to stress management and optimal wellness – particularly when juggling a busy life and solo-parenting.


My own experiences with stress have led to lots of exploration and today I share what has worked for me: where I was (years ago) and where I am today are two very different places.


For many of us, life is hectic and busy; we earn, care-give and maintain ourselves and our homes too. Carving out time to care for oneself is VITAL – without it we can grind to a halt and our minds or bodies may stop functioning as well as they could, and it is only then we take heed. If instead we maintain a way of life that supports our wellness as a prevention rather than cure method, this is a winner all round.




It was when I decided to return to study to complete an MA in Fine Art that I noticed I could no longer consume foods and drinks that once agreed with me, and discovered, like many others, I had become intolerant to gluten and probably the chemical overload in many of the foods we eat today. A journey ensued to find out why, (the GPs diagnosed stress), and to explore ways to manage this. Here began an exploration of ‘wellness’ in its entirety – uncovering key elements needed for optimal well-being. Moving forwards, this inspired my exploration of all things organic, and my subsequent training in Theta Healing and Soul Re-alignment and Coaching.


So, here is my own ‘to-do’ list of 5 things that really make a difference to wellness. Consider this an EXPERIMENT – this is what I do. It takes the ‘work’ out of it, and creates a sense of fun!

1. Create a NEW habit of eating and drinking well. It takes about 10 weeks of doing something different for it to become a new habit. Do it with a buddy to share top tips, recipes, accountability (or book-mark this blog & keep referring to it!): taking the right supplements will support the change. Go organic too. Reducing your chemical intake will reduce internal stress on your body. Take note of what makes you feel better – although detoxing can be painful at first, it feels amazing once it becomes a part of your daily practice. Drinking enough water is vital too. Buy a re-useable bottle and give yourself a daily ‘water goal’. Seeing yourself attaining a goal each day will be really motivating.

2. Do something creative. We are all creative creatures by nature. Whether it’s compiling your favourite music for a device, or clothes for your wardrobe, decorating, crafting, baking, playing an instrument, doodling, or DIY – this part of you NEEDS to be honoured. You will feel infinitely better. Take your diary and block in this ‘creative’ time. Make it as important as any other appointment – from dentist to work meeting. This encourages you to value YOU, and this feeling of value will increase the more you honour it.



3. Move your BODY! Body movement releases endorphins and is the best stress-buster. It moves your energy and creates a ‘state change’. If you are feeling angry, depressed, sorrowful or plain ‘meh’ – just try it and see what happens from 15 minutes of yoga, a walk in nature, a cycle, a swim, or dancing to your favourite song or two (whilst no one is looking) – whatever takes your fancy. Do this regularly and take note of any state or mood changes you notice, so you log and ‘see’ your progress.

4. Change your mindset and develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’. We know that what we ‘think about we bring about’. Our ‘state’ or thoughts carry a vibration we then exude, and like magnets we attract experiences that reinforce our state. As thoughts precede decisions and action it is these actions that then form our experiences, therefore it’s important to be mindful. Write down 3 things a day you are grateful for and notice whether more of these things start to show up in your life. Please note: new habits take time to form, so be gentle with yourself and keep going and experimenting.

5. SLEEP. None of the above will be possible in the same way without enough good quality sleep. Never underestimate how important sleep is. Bodies and brains both function better with the right amount of sleep (you will have a good sense of what is the right amount for you) and also unbroken, good quality sleep (avoid alcohol or the TV). This may be tougher for mothers with younger children and babies, and if so, invite people to give you ‘sleep breaks’. Again, take note of the differences you feel in your body and mood when you do this.


Treat yourself to a ‘wellness’ journal or diary. Take time to write in your ‘feel good’ time, your sleep, your creativity, your exercise and take notes of the before and after feelings. This will spur you on. Stick healthy and inspiring recipes in there, log your daily water intake, what exercise you did and over time you will marvel at the magic you are creating in your own life!

There are many other wellness tips, but these 5 are really key for me. Up to this point in your life you will have created the habits you have now. Consciously or unconsciously we continuously create thoughts and beliefs which inform our decisions and actions. If these become mis-aligned, we find we are inadvertently self-sabotaging our true desires or creating the ‘wrong’ outcomes in our lives. This is where Theta Healing is so valuable – with Theta Healing we look at where our ‘mindset’ first began, what thoughts and feelings we have about things and how these sub-conscious programs run our lives more than our conscious minds do! If you would like to find out more, or have enjoyed this post, please do check out my website; soulspacehealers.uk and check in with the giveaway below….




And so for my #Giveaway: I am offering 2 complimentary half hour consultations with a taster of #thetahealing included for 2 lucky readers. You choose an area you wish to focus on – something you may be finding particularly challenging – and we will work together on how we can address and shift it.

Please email me at: info@soulspacehealers.uk with one sentence about why you feel you would benefit from a Theta Healing session with me, and two people will be selected. Answers to be received by Monday 11 June and those chosen will be informed Tuesday 12 June 2018, and announced on the blog…



About Amelia: Amelia followed the traditional route of finishing school and heading off to University, and graduated with both a BA Honours Degree and mother to a gorgeous small daughter too! Years later, during her MA in Fine Art, health issues raised their head which meant a radical re-assessment of diet, lifestyle and attitude. A visit to a Naturopath, and training in Neal’s Yard Remedies Organics started the next part of the wellness journey and living a fully organic existence (wherever possible), which led on to training in Theta Healing, and currently Soul Re-alignment and Coaching. This has been totally life changing and the next ‘building block’ in a journey to ultimate wellness that embraces inner peace, fulfillment and tranquility in amongst this #crazy experience we call life.
Click here for Amelia’s website: https://www.soulspacehealers.uk/

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