“My experiences of working with my PT have been beyond my expectations…I am very happy and can’t think of any improvements!”


Ealing, London

“I am 100% satisfied: communication is pitched at exactly the right level…not too much, not too little!”


Ealing, London

“Liz is a true professional in every way! I first started working with Liz about four years ago. Admittedly, I was sceptical at first, having never done Pilates based work before, but there was no denying the results. Liz is not only brilliant at what she does, but is incredibly motivating with it! For a fun, friendly & effective approach to health & fitness, this is most definitely the ONLY way forward.”


Esher, Surrey

“I had not done any cardio exercise for a long while. Although I am not at all keen on CV work, I knew I had to find a way to get something into my weekly programme. Liz worked with me to come up with an exciting series of achievable sessions which have been extremely motivating.” OR

Pitshanger, London

“I had real difficulties getting rid of excess weight after my pregnancies, and it was really getting me down.Then I decided to use Liz’s service. Upon the initial consultation, Liz put together a program of healthy eating along with tips on how to get more active simply utilising daily habits, e.g. eveyday chores. Once we started our fitness sessions, I started to loose weight and feel great. The work out sessions are fun, get you shaped up and make you feel very energised afterwards, which personally really helps me to deal better with the every day stress of being a mum.” SR


“I came to see Liz aware that I needed to make some change to my eating habits, and hoping to lose some weight through exercise. In the past I had engaged in various exercise programmes but never quite managed to stick to them – partly because of a compromised immune system and also due to lack of enjoyment of general cardio workouts. As someone with dance training, specific types of exercise are enjoyable for me, and Liz helped me to understand that only through enjoying an exercise programme will we stick to it. Through our personal training sessions, Liz has designed a programme that suits my way of exercising – we engage in some cardio but for me she adapts her approach and incorporates dance movements which flow better for me. Her knowledge of anatomy is impeccable and she is very cautious to teach proper posture to avoid strain. I have now been seeing Liz one year and I am happy with the results – I have lost some weight, have toned up and my eating habits are improved. I have a lot more energy and have stuck to the exercise programme. When I am not 100%, Liz works with me intuitively, knowing when I need to take it easy and when I simply need to challenge myself and get over my resistance. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Liz: she’s more than a traditional personal trainer, she has genuine enthusiasm and a secure holistic knowledge of the body and its impact on other areas of our lives.” SZ

London W5

“Working with Liz has been so rewarding. Her knowledge of anatomy, her attention to detail and her ability to translate client needs into workable and achievable sessions has helped me enormously. In just a few weeks I could see and feel the benefits and now I have weekly sessions with Liz, I can’t imagine my life without them.” MC

Pitshanger W5

“I approached Liz after the birth of my third child. My first two are twins and I had suffered from diastis recti (separation of the stomach muscles) which occurred again during this pregnancy: I was keen to work on my core strength without putting too much strain and exacerbating the problem. Liz has tailor made a programme for me. She is entirely realistic in the goals she sets but pushes me to do my best. I look forward to our sessions each week as they make me feel healthier, happier and as if I have invested in some ‘me time’. She is able to explain the benefits behind every move, and each week we progress from the week before. She has made reasonable tweaks to my already healthy diet and makes good suggestions about how to achieve more balance in a hectic lifestyle. I could not recommend her more highly.” UW

Perivale, W5

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