​This course can either be taken ‘live’ or by webinar, and will soon be available as a stand-alone online course too! Some choose to work through the programme alone, others prefer to complete it together with a parent or guardian – the choice is yours…

 The programme aims to help “tweens” and/or teens to develop a toolbox of simple strategies that will help relieve stress or anxiety. Looking at current statistics for poor mental health in teens and young people I believe it is vitally important that we help our youngsters to manage mental wellbeing. This was the inspiration for this course…

 I have many years experience in working with this age group, and worked with a large number of teenagers whilst developing this course – and we had a lot of fun doing it! It was their input that helped me to finalise the content, hence these really are TOOLS 4 TEENS – and tools that teens actually like using!




“Thank you so much for introducing ‘Tools 4 Teens’ to my children. Firstly they both now understand where “worry” or anxiety might come from, & secondly they have embraced your techniques easily & willingly, from journaling before bed to breathing from the belly, to learning to be mindful. They have used your skills to recognise triggers, take control of their feelings & manage situations that they had felt before were out of their control. Their anxieties have decreased as a result of your course: thank you for helping them to find a way to be calm in their manic & pressurised world. You have an intangible gift that works. We are so grateful”     NB

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