For further details of how my weight management programme actually works

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 For a more personalised view of the plan, see below a testimonial from one of my clients…

“Last year with the big 50 looming I was very overweight. I didn’t know where to start; the last time I did any sort of exercise it was Jane Fonda telling me to feel the burn in the 80’s!

Feeling very nervous I joined a ten week course organised by Liz. To say I was terrified to stand on the scales is a huge understatement. Liz was wonderful and simply said “what a great figure to start with”! She made me relax and not focus on that awful number staring back at me. During the ten week course my focus was on getting my nutrition right and getting slowly back into exercise. For me that meant walking in my local park.

After the course I started to see Liz on a one to one basis. She was amazing with me as I have a dodgy knee and back and was useless at any form of exercise so I was a challenge for her. She got me doing things I never thought I could do and amazingly I enjoyed it! She knew when to push me a bit further and when to slow things down, while all the time encouraging me.

I started with Liz in April last year and I stood on the scales this morning, 9 March, and I have lost 4 stones and 11 pounds. I wanted to lose weight to improve my health and wellbeing and I certainly feel fantastic now. It is also lovely to buy clothes in any shop I want and not have to worry they won’t have my size.

I would recommend Liz to anyone who wants to lose weight and get fitter. She is an inspirational woman who cares very much about her clients. Her knowledge of nutrition, anatomy and exercise is amazing. She is always ready to listen and do her best to help with any issues you may have and to encourage you to reach your goals. She has changed my life completely and I am so grateful to her.” MD

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