Shaw Lifestyle offers various courses to address corporate wellbeing.

“As a third of employees admit to regularly considering quitting, experts urge employers to offer holistic health and wellbeing support.”

“Mental ill-health was costing employers as much as £42bn – and the wider economy up to £99bn – a year.” [Oct ‘17]

Programme details are determined following a detailed consultation and comprehensive analysis, ensuring that each course is tailored according to the individual company’s requirements and needs. There are options for one-off courses, ongoing programmes and practical workshops. Areas covered are exercise, nutrition & stress management, plus postural correction & mobilisation exercises to combat an office-based working life.


“I consider myself hugely lucky to have completed a course with Liz. The programme covered many different areas which helped me significantly with some health problems I had been having, caused predominately through my highly pressured job. I learnt how exercise, nutrition and stress management are all linked together, and how making small conscious changes in these areas and understanding how and why they affect you helps you to significantly improve your overall wellbeing. As a person who had previously lacked motivation to be consistent in terms of eating well and exercising, I learnt how to achieve this and more. I can honestly say meeting Liz and completing her workshops has transformed my life and has helped me start the process of becoming the best version of myself. I now understand how my lifestyle choices affect me on a daily basis, and how my decisions drive outcomes. I have recommended Liz to other colleagues and contacts and firmly believe that every employer should provide an opportunity to spend time with Liz to help support us in our busy working lives.” LW

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